Import & Export

Export Import Consulting solution includes establishing, managing and expanding export & import in a time- and cost-effective way. Exporting and importing is exciting and beneficial journey for your business if you are backed up with a team of international business development, sales and marketing professionals to guide you. We will be happy to be your export & import consultants on your way to export & import success

  • Managing Export Orders
  • Managing Supply Chain
  • Preparing RFQ
  • Preparing Responses to RFQ
  • Pricing Products or Services for Import or Export
  • Negotiating Contract
  • Ensuring Proper Packaging, Labeling and Marking
  • Coordinating Shipping
  • Handling Export or Import Paperwork
  • Handling Customs Clearance
  • Engaging a Warehouse
  • Handling International Payments and Foreign Exchange
  • Engaging Financial Institutions
  • Engaging Government Institutions Supporting Export or Import
  • Mitigating and Managing Risk (currency, insurance, guarantees)
  • Product Sampling and Testing
  • Finding Products or Services Overseas Per Your Specification